MOTOTEC 4 עבור מנועי ארבע פעימות


קוד מוצר: 121021

זמינות: 2

מחיר: ₪150

תרכובת טריבו - טכנית מתוכננת להגן מפני שחיקה ולשמר את הביצועים של מנועי ארבע פעימות של אופנועים, קטנועים, טרקטורונים וכו'.

“Mototec 4” tribotechnical compound

Part number 121021


Tribotechnical compound MOTOTEC 4 produced by ATOMIUM is designed to restore the performance and protect against wear the four-stroke engines of motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and other motor vehicles.

Instructions:Compound MOTOTEC 4 is added to the working oil of the engine in accordance with
the following procedure:
1. Warm up the engine to operating temperature.
2. Stop the engine.
3. Shake the can thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.
4. Add tribotechnical compound in engine through the regular oil filling neck. Apply ½ of the can only – if engine volume is less than 500 cm³. Apply 1 can – if engine volume is more than 500 cm³.
5. Start the engine at once after the procedure.
6. Take a trip lasting 15-20 minutes in normal driving mode.
After the procedure, you can use the car as usual.

Effects of application:
•Increases power
•Decreases fuel consumption
•Decreases oil consumption
•Decreases vibration and noise level
•Decreases hum in the gearbox
and improves free car run
•Decreases exhaust CO/CH emissions
•Increases the lifetime

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